John Stanley

Npower pitch

Put yourself in your customers' shoes

Six diffferent Landor yellow shoe boxes, each box containing a proposal document, two long scrolls of work and a pair of their customer's shoes.

Each shoe box was labelled differently and contained a different pair of shoes to suggest the diversity of their customers.

Landor's Christmas card
Make a modular, versatile, global, blah, blah, blah Christmas card that's so good it wins awards. And do it in five minutes... You know what it's like. It happens every year.

Five differently die-cut cards using the same Christmas pattern. The cut out pieces became surprise snowflakes that gave a little snowfall from each envelope.


Best Self Promotion
D&AD Awards

Butlin's pitch trunk
At the first stage of the pitch we were determined to stand out against our 15 competitors (yes ,15). We created the Butlin's pitch trunk to do just that and to suggest Landor was coming to stay at Butlin's. It worked.

Sainbury's Energy – thank you card/energy drink
They asked for a card to thank their tired staff for working incredibly hard. Instead, they got an energy drink, which seemed a little more appropriate.
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